Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Harris County Petition for Non-Disclosure Attorney Andy Nolen Wants to Clear Your Name in Houston

Harris County Petition for Non-Disclosure AttorneyA criminal record can do absolutely nothing but hurt a person’s chances to pursue a decent career and living in general. One conviction for practically any criminal offense is damaging to a person’s character. Having a warrant for ones arrest, having a deferred offense, or even just being arrested and never convicted will continue to appear on your record unless something is done regarding it. These individuals might feel like there is almost nothing can be done and that they are going to simply have to deal with the repercussions of having a criminal record for years on end if not forever.
Persons who have been found guilty of a offense definitely find these feelings overwhelming as well. Constantly dealing with the nos and turn downs from prospective employers and residential dwellings can be enough to make anybody throw in the towel and just stop trying. The thing which people may fail to realize in this is that there is hope. It is called a petition for non-disclosure. Legally if you are granted non-disclosure then you can in most cases deny that you were ever arrest or prosecuted on employment, mortgage, or college applications.
Petitions for non-disclosures have to be handled with a judge and acquiring a legal professional that has worked on petitions for non-disclosures before would likely be your best option. Harris County Petition for Non-Disclosure Attorney Andy Nolen has 20 years of experience in criminal defense law. In that time he has dealt with cases for over 3000 clients and has helped many clients with petition for non-disclosures. Some can even receive expungement in which seals their records completely to even the courts. Record sealing is not something that all attorneys do but Attorney Andy Nolen can. Call Harris County Petition for Non-Disclosure Attorney Andy Nolen today for a free consultation at 832-480-8951.  If something can be done Harris County Petition for Non-Disclosure Attorney Andy Nolen can help today, just give him a call now.
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